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Impeka designs websites which are visually appealing, responsive, and also easy to use and manage. Not convinced by our own website? Check out our portfolio below.

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Mobile Friendly Sites

Vulnerabilities in out-of-date WordPress websites

It’s no secret that building a platform like WordPress is a complex ordeal. It’s a constant race between developers finding holes and plugging them and hackers finding holes and exploiting them.


There are no stupid questions; just good blog articles

Where do good blog articles come from? It’s what all bloggers ask themselves on a regular basis. The new website is published with a few good articles, but a month goes by and your backlog is gone. What now!?


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Impeka wants to make your job easier. Website design & development isn’t just about slapping together pretty pictures — it’s also about creating a simple workflow. Let us make your job easier, send us a message to find out how!

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