Impeka was born from the conviction that true success comes from a positive environment and being surrounded with like-minded people who share a vision. A vision created by a capable team with experience, skill, dedication, ambition, and most importantly — chemistry. The three amigos at the heart of Impeka have been working together in the industry for years and realized that they could offer clients a much better service if they branched out on their own.
At Impeka, we pride ourselves in having streamlined the hierarchy of our organization. When clients attend that initial meeting to discuss a project, they’re also meeting with the people responsible for creating their vision. There is no loss of important information through management translating the clients’ needs and wants. Eliminating the middleman allows the developers to be part of the creative process from the get-go, as well as preventing a disconnect often found between management and the production floor. When you call Impeka answers.

Why choose us?


Instead of outsourcing it offshore?

Let’s face it, a lot of development is outsourced offshore. There are various websites that will put you in contact with developers from these overseas countries for a modest price. The problem with hiring offshore is that you never really know who you’re dealing with, what you will be getting, and you will have to wait hours for answers because of the differing timezones. There is the potential of lucking out and getting a great product but there is also a risk. Without knowing exactly which questions to ask and not having a web development background, you might end up with a product that meets every specified requirement without actually meeting the organization’s goals or needs. Don’t take the chance and avoid the headaches by dealing only with the local team, from Ottawa, at Impeka.

Instead of asking your wife’s brother-in-law’s nephew?

So your wife’s brother-in-law’s nephew Timmy loves video games and seemingly knows everything about computers. Sure he might have made a HTML website before – he may have even taken a course on the subject. Unfortunately Timmy doesn’t have the experience to complete this project or work through the many nuances of refined web development. He might be able to make it work, but working isn’t always good enough. Let the experienced team at Impeka build your product with tried and tested techniques that follow best practices. Don’t let this discourage Timmy though, we started where he is now.



Instead of using one of the big guys?

Let’s be honest, these guys are good – they wouldn’t be the big guys if they weren’t. However as the size of these organizations grow, so does the price tag. There is nothing wrong with the big guys – heck, Impeka aspires to count itself among their ranks one day – but when you’re dealing with bigger organizations you can’t help but feel you don’t know who you’re working with. Impeka manages to stay competitive by taking a closer look and weighing each feature clients ask for, proposals don’t just fall within a predefined price point. Don’t be just a number, choose Impeka!

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