The long term harm of not owning a website

Your business has been in operation since the 90’s when having a website seemed kind of pointless. Aside from acquiring a great .com it just didn’t seem necessary, heck business was thriving!

Today, the business is probably still thriving. The initial investment of designing a website makes you think, “this is not for us.” Are you certain this the right decision? Explaining how essential having a web presence feels a little cliché, but consider this:

How are customers currently finding you?

No online visibility means being discovered through word of mouth, offline marketing, or via a storefront. If this sounds familiar, you are missing a bigger piece of the puzzle. A 2013 research on the car buyer’s journey surveyed just over 3,000 consumers who were looking to purchase a car. And where did the respondents look to find information on possible purchases?

  • 66% looked on the internet.
  • 62% went to the dealership.
  • 27% went to friends and family.
  • 14% went to go see the vehicle.
  • 14% looked in the newspaper.
  • 13% looked to TV commercials.

This was in 2013, only three years ago! That’s decades in internet years. These figures will only keep shifting away from traditional media.

The long con:

Sitting on a high ranking position on Google takes time; it is earned. Building up a positive algorithmic reputation requires users who come and stay. Content needs to be fresh and engaging. A web presence needs to mature — these are things which cannot be faked. Waiting too long to build up a web presence means competitors will have an edge and potentially take prospective clients.

The age old adage prescribing the best times to plant a tree is also relevant to owning a website: When is the best time to build a site? Ten years ago! What’s the second best time? Now.