There are no stupid questions; just good blog articles

Where do good blog articles come from? It’s what all bloggers ask themselves on a regular basis. The new website is published with a few good articles, but a month goes by and your backlog is gone. What now!?

It’s tough to just sit down, look at recent articles, and come up with a poignant subject on the fly. Scouring similar businesses to see what they’re talking about causes concern — is getting inspiration from competitors nothing but plagiarism? Even the best writers aren’t unending geysers of material. It’s normal to run out of things to say!

What constitutes a good blog article?

Good content engages the reader. This doesn’t necessarily require making use of call outs. A user just needs to read an article, feel as though the information provided is useful, and then apply it to their own work.

Staying relevant is key; look to your clients!

All right, so we want to be engaging but how do we write content that is relevant to our clients? One answer is actually pretty straightforward, just listen to them.

As a web developer it’s pretty common to get questions regarding WordPress, website design, or website marketing (such as SEO and SEM). Some of those questions can be more general and often could be easily answered through a quick Google search. But, hold on, because those general questions can be a great source of inspiration for blog articles. The topic of this very article was a question asked to us by a client.

Impeka would like to update another old adage: there are no stupid questions; just good blog articles.